In The Lodge

It's hard to believe
It's been six years,
If I'm correct in
My reading
Between vague lines
And if there's any truth
Behind the icons
Red on blue
Atop the screen
In the Social Network,

Since we shared
A moment that should
Have been forbidden
By all the usual standards
And the rules
Expected of friends or exes.

But despite passing time I still
Cannot help but recall
The thrill, the elation
Of how it felt, extreme,

Not because it
May have been wrong
But because it
Was electric and exciting,

And despite the years
That have passed since
And the lingering fact
That it
Should never
Have happened
At all

With you
Too close a friend
And me
And believing that you
Were taken too,

Despite that, tonight
I remember you well,

And me drunk under lights,
A cheap line,

Pressing our lips,
Seconds of time,

And then never
A hint
Of anything else.


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