Sunday, May 22, 2016

Before I Hugged The Birthday Girl

Sculpted by a love that lingers
Long after the romance was over.

The corner seat shadows upstairs in a
Popular Dublin public house were not
The place for aping Rodin's Thinker with
Hunched shoulders and clenched right fist underneath

My chin, jawline tense and gaze averted
To avoid the chance of conversation
With the congregation of revelers,

Yet there I sat and pondered and tried to
Make the most of the moments of silence
To start to sober up, but still I let
Myself recall the regrets of the past
Decade and reminisced, stony, solemn faced,
Tried to re-imagine the better times
And fixate first on those for a brief smile,

But with a deep and gentle sigh came back
The memories of the less than happy days,
The errors and the flaws and the many
Reasons why I've come to leave my lovers
Or, more often, they've left me with passion
Faded and spells broken, each new failure
Resigning me again to solitude,

Exhausted and romantically jaded,
All emotions and exaggeration,
Getting drunker on bittersweet nostalgia
Than on any cold and dark wet glass filled
And drained again of stout or porter and
Too attached to names and places like a
Child clinging to his favourite blanket.

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