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The Words Ran Out

Tonight it hits me hard, Realising how much Spare time and silence I will have to bear Without your voice Laughing in my ear, Remembering how We would have to pause And awkwardly excuse One or the other of us From the conversation For a call of nature, Reminiscing over Nights when it seemed The words would never Run out and we'd delay Taking much needed sleep With news to share, Reflecting on moments Of mischief when distance Meant safety from your Tickling fingers and In the same instance Feeling much too far Away from your caress, It hits me hard tonight Recalling all of this, It hits me hard to Recollect such happiness And know there'll be no more.

Photo Frames and Broken Hearts

Because I cannot speak to you tonight, And because this is most likely just the First of many such sad nights, instead I Finally now make the time to write the Poem that you wished for all that time and Yet is certainly the poem you wished would Never come, the one we never should have Had to share and one that now we might not Get to share at all with contact cut and Goodbyes and farewells sobbed out through many Tears, the drops of the past two years. Almost. Twenty four hours short of two whole years, This funeral song for twenty four months Of shared days and nights and precious few fights. Because I went to speak with you tonight And because so much was said that needed To be said and those words now have led to This sad plight, this day that should have been the First of our third turn to dance and dine and Smile away this journey around the sun, Instead I try to bring back to my mind The frost that lingered in an abbey's shadow, The green glow of spot lights on a stage, The