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They crowd the bar like snouts about a trough
And trot around cracked glass in fallen drink,

Herded by pulsing flashing lights and noise,
Letting the music tell them what to think,

To put their hands up in the air and jump,
To chant and whistle to the Piper's beat,

Amidst a heaving mass of sound and sweat,
An infernal reverie of dancing feet.

All and Nothing

Lately in my nights
I have been
Revisiting the scenes
Of old nightmares,
The blurred and
Shadowy places
All of cobwebs
And confusion
And sudden changes,
Half-familiar recreations,
Mirror images
Of comforts
And locations,
The faces of the
Living and the dead
Both real and
All and nothing,
Tricks and trap-doors,
Shifting ground and
Eyes between the floorboards,
Ghastly things hiding
In nettles and thorns,
The buzzing of wasps
And echoes of words.

Some nights I can fly,
Escape, ride the elation,
But in spite of all trying
I cannot force a scream,
Breathing speeds up but
Will not give way to crying,
Heating under tangled covers,
A body in panic
Sweating with fear
As if some great
And terrible secret
Seeks and demands confession.

But there is none.
No meaning emerges.
Fear lingers in
Half-forgotten images.


Today's trip is my sixth along this road
Since the beginning of the year and is
The first in all that time that will not see
Us spend a while together at the end.

I continue North for a workshop on
The craft of acting and the differences
Between it and pretending, to learn to tell
A true story through someone else's words

Less than a week after my own words failed me
And our romantic picture faded out,
Perhaps to intermission, just a break,
But far more likely the end of the act.


Master of None

I think I could show the world my
Genius if only I were not so easily
Distracted by such fleetingly
Interesting things as virtual card games
On computer screens or poor shows
Or over-hyped sports events on TV,

Or last minute shopping just before
Ten p.m. for some strange beer
I've yet to try or midnight snacks,
Or recipes for soups or chocolate cakes,
Experiments with herbs and spices
Or the impulse every few weeks

To run, to exercise, take out my bike
Or buy some new piece of equipment,
Or replying late to messages and mail
Rather than responding straight away,
Or cleaning and clipping my nails,
Practising shaving techniques with new blades,

Or driving around the city with friends,
Or drinking tea, trying to ply all trades,
Or starting new poems and lacking the
Attention to properly finish them