Sunday, January 20, 2013

Piercing Thoughts

A sentimental thought
Struck me today
As I pondered on
The topic of piercings,

Reading, as I do,
An eclectic selection
Of Sunday articles
And weekend discussions

Of great import and none,
Of meaning incalculable,
Bridges from past to
Present and more to come,

Or, more likely, not to
Between me and you.
Because although I see
In memories the flash

Of metal on your tongue
I can no longer recall
How it felt to kiss you,
Or if it made a difference.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


This irrational
On the border
Of outright panic,
Trembling limbs
And shallow breath
And racing mind,
Every grim idea
A potential reality,
Every move delayed
In fear of fault
Or failure,
Shyly shrinking back,
A quiet coward,
Imagining the worst
Instead of asking
Simple questions,
This irrational
Comes and goes,
Returns and
Fretfully flows
As I forget to breathe,
As I try to find the words
To ask such
Simple questions
Instead of dreaming
Awful answers.