The Charmer

Working in the same vein as a magician, with hope
To deceive and delight with the same stroke,
To entrance and to invite into a new dimension
Whomsoever finds themselves distracted
By the intricacies and the trickeries in the craft,

To conjure images and evoke emotions,
To hide what's sitting right before the eyes
Behind patterns of words, flicks of the wrist,
Telling whole stories while sending subtle hints,

Convincing one of truth in a false reality and
Another that what they see may yet become
Much more than how it first seems,

Balancing the weight of wisdom with the
Passionate unpredictability of unknown possibility,

Baring all to an audience that is almost blind,

To those who find it easier to question the art
Than to meditate on the meaning in its works,

Maintaining the illusion of control and confidence
While struggling to sate a torn, confused conscience.


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