A Strange Reunion

It was certainly not what one
Would call a typical reunion,
Embracing in the dark outside
The hotel, hours after midnight,
Before strolling in to the residents bar.
You insisted on buying me a drink.

We thought of how long it had been.
Too long, we agreed through smiles,
You after an evening celebrating
And me after beer for one at home.
Blame absolved and inhibitions already
Bypassed with our conversation barely started,

Talk of all of our mistakes and old, yet
Still remembered desires to the fore,
No fear at all of bringing up
The way things were with us before,
I listened and let you tell me
Everything, all the details I had not known.

All was for sharing, every
Minor confession and every big deal,
Every part of you and me
As was practical in such strange
And coldly public circumstances,
Even allowing for the darkness and the hour.

What more is there to say about it now?
We each have plans in places far apart,
Each different dreams and ideas,
Though neither of us knows for sure, of course...
A strange reunion, yes, too long delayed.
But no mistake and no regrets, we'll say.


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