A Poem For C&H (teen discussion forum)

To C and H I make with haste to read of all and sundry,
This wondrous forum being home to great minds of the country,
In knowledge safe that here I'll find the widest range of discourse
Of quality that's praise-worthy and deserving of sweet verse.

A noble tale it is to tell of this fine forum's naissance,
Its seed the posts of dazzling folk, its water months of patience.
No text-speak blight could quell the roots, nor cynics wielding axes;
They scoffed that we, being but teens, could not produce strong branches.

And yet a garden grew and grew, being tended most ably
By three young mods who, from the sods, pruned weeds away most gayly.
To Piste, to JC and Squigloo, I bid thee raise thy glasses
And cheer in toast that we could boast such crafts-folk in our masses.

But hark! there is much more to say, there are more names and fables,
For here we see community beyond keyboards on tables,
Computer screens, laptops on knees, D4RK ONION may deem portals,
These looking-glasses, not for Alice, but for we young mortals.

From late in two thousand and eight and right up to this moment,
An oak has grown and banter flown, like rafts upon a current
To keep us bouyed, or over-joyed; whatever life throws at us
Can wash away or soundly stay like strong boards in a tree-house.

We've seen it all! Young Jizzler's call for MILFs to sate his urges!
Nialldeman's pleas for recipes for tea! The desperate virgins.
To monumental threads of lore, such topics had us thinking
As Life's hardships and politics and responsible drinking.

We've seen the "Sex Discussion Thread", a most successful mission,
"Here's One That I Made Earlier", kaleidoscopic vision,
The "Soundtrack To Your Angst", a many-spleandoured music medley,
And "What Do You Find Beautiful?" is always bleedin' deadly.

From Kate's bright cakes to ones we make in cups within three minutes,
To "b00bs!" at half four in the morning after too much Guinness.
From Midnight's car to me, the bard, to Deise_Monster's stalking
Of young hurlers and 1Direction, no end to the talking!

From challengemaster logging in to laugh with randylonghorn,
To Noel pretending he's a girl (don't say that you've not been warned!)
We've played at Ultimate Face-down and posted up the pictures,
We've had much fun and then lamented sleeping right through lectures.

The Den, with ever-changing name, somewhere 'tween Aaaarrrgghh and Yaaahh threads,
These bases always busy even when the rest may seem dead,
Debates on God, on pregnancy, and the financial crisis,
Pictures of dresses, drums and drink, complaining about the prices,

From early days and posters who, though no longer oft' seen here,
Impressions last of great chats past, foundations for the future,
Aisling(",), Mushy, Crumble Froo, phlegms, Cautioner and cHaTbOx,
They might pop by from time to time, though leemur has changed his spots!

When Dublin froze young Daysha rose to Keyboard Cat the slipping,
That city also venue to our first meet-up, day-tripping.
But Cavan, Cork and Galway too, and Donegal and Sligo,
Tipperary, Clare and Limerick, a Brummy Tom with banjo,

All places and locations become one when we do post here,
And twice we've celebrated with awards at end of the year.
With Jackobyte and Jumpguy, Aoibheann, Oopsy and Konata,
Davidius, Pygmalion, science, maths and data,

Fad and Craguls, Neon-Circles, extrasupervery,
Ultimate Chin and bythewoods, Jay P, sarcasticfairy,
Monzo, Arcade Panda, Sligo Brewer and degausser,
Almostnever, Namlub, unknown, DingosAteMyBaby,

Mavis Davis, Atavan-Halen and EuropeanSon,
Cows Go µ and Colm! too, but Hitlersson is gone,
There's Lawliet, there's SarahBeep! and IHeartChemistry same,
Agnostic Mantis, I Have Questions and Shacklebolt with new name,

Screaminmidget, conorstuff, Mollikins and YourTextHere too,
Banjo Fella and Flyswatter, seriousfizz and **Timbuk2**,
Ginja Ninja's modding now, and Almighty Cushion visits,
And if your name is not within apologies I missed it!

From books and 90s Babies and to nightclubs and being a genius,
From worst pain to guilty pleasures, we have all of this between us,
So join me, if you will, and celebrate the best of forums.
Cheers to this bizarrely named place! To Clearasil and Hormones!


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