View From A Train Window

Ivy-strangled trees,
Patches of thistle,
Tire-tracks in the mud
On tractor-land,
Calves learning to run,
Old horses tethered
To older out-houses,
Gaps in the corrugated
Roofs above mossy walls,
Ditches dry
After a sunny week,
Empty barns
And rusting gates,
Bare boughs between
Harvest-ready conifers,
Gravel patches and
Piles of stone chippings,
Fallow fields,
Unsteady fences,
Rolling hills,
A flapping hooded crow,
Sheep resting together,
White blossoms
Over yellow bushes,
Felled logs and
Chopped branches stacked high,
All beyond these shuddering windows,
All beneath this grey March sky.


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