The Harshest Drop Of All

You can set a safety net
Some way below
The thrill of the tight-rope
Or the exhilarating trapeze,
And although you may be caught
The first few times
That you should fall
From such remarkable heights
There is no guarantee
That the binds will hold.

And some day you may topple
Or be dropped,
A little stumble or
Hands too slow to clasp,
And that net which you set
May tear and break,
And you may find that it
Had all along
Been set too high
With still a steeper drop below,

And that the small and
Oft' survived mistakes
Had built up too much strain
In frail supports,
Too many tests this
Net was forced to face,
Too high you set your
Hope and expectations,
And little can prepare you
For the harshest drop of all.


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