Sunday, April 1, 2012

Party Time

To drink what one wants, to want what one drinks,
To spend your weekends balanced against someone’s sink,
And look up with a smile and a nod and a wink
Whenever someone walks in (just in case they should think

That you don’t really know what you’re doing at all)
Then stumble and crawl down the stairs to the hall,
Again balance yourself against the kitchen wall,
Drain the last from your glass and make sure you don’t fall

Then tonelessly shout out the words of a song
(Too many times you repeat them, you don’t know you’ve gone wrong)
And tell all of your love and how much they belong
With you, there on those nights, and how it’s too long

To wait ‘til next time, the next big event…
Then wake up Sunday morning. Remember how Saturday went?
And you can’t see or stand up, your money’s all spent
And you’ve made too many promises you never really meant.

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