Nostalgia - My Mistake

Memories and emotions
Tangled up in confusion,
Visions that appear and reappear
When triggered by
Familiar faces in photographs,
Sleepless hours of supposition,
Never knowing
How things might have happened
Had I done other things differently,
“What ifs” and “I wonders”,
Never being far from tears
And never knowing
What they’re doing now,
Nothing but negatives and
Constant contradictions,
More memories
Flooding my mind like the
Freezing cold ripples that lapped around our feet
When we walked to the sound of bigger waves crashing
And saw nothing but sunlight on the horizon,
Then the thoughts of the floods of tears
That cancel out and contradict,
The tears that made me realise
How much I came so close to losing,
That made me losing something else instead,
And confine it all to photographs
And memories and painful moments of


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