Sunday, April 29, 2012

Café on the Row

A friend comes here to sit and smoke
And watch people pass by,
To blow dark rings and sip hot drinks
Under the Limerick sky,

While girls stroll past with shopping bags
Proclaiming to all eyes
The brand names and the sources of
Their latest must-have buys,

While mothers fail to match their children’s
Wonder and surprise
Upon seeing Richard Harris
In his royal statued guise,

While sunrays flash on windows
Of the opposite high-rise,
And pigeons bob their heads at crumbs,
The rain-washed walkway dries,

While couples snack on sweet desserts
And share their secret smiles,
Oblivious in a café’s corner
To all but each other’s eyes.


  1. You've really captured Bedford Row! Nicely done!

  2. Cafe On The Row is great for a romantic rendezvous. Also does mean Belgian waffles.

  3. Waffles, you say? I know what I'm doing for lunch tomorrow! :D