Monday, March 12, 2012

The Writer

Words, written on these desks
In faded blue and red,
Some better thought-out than
The others- I read them.
The humour, the bad words,
The song lyrics, dark thoughts,
The colours against the
Lack of colour in this
Place contrast and stand out.

Read the words on the desk
If you dare enter the
Head of he who wrote them.
Laugh at his cartoon quote,
Ponder at his random
Selections of strange lines.
Worry at confessions
Written on the dull desks.
Thoughts provoked? Words stand out.

He seeks not to rebel
Nor trouble cause, he is
Just the boy who writes on
These desks, curses teachers,
Insults his heavy friend,
Borrows art to create
His art, to calm the storm
Inside his head. Solemn,
He seeks not to stand out.

He, like I, wants just to write

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