Thursday, March 15, 2012

Rhymes of a Bored Teenage Boy

Try not to cry as the wasps catch your eye,
So close they fly menacingly by and terrify,
At heart a child still for a while, just stand
Aside and bide your time, you will be fine.

Those shouts and screams are not a dream,
Although you’re clean it is your team,
To the top has risen cream,
With the same aim to win big games,
Hard you have trained, played through the pain.
Cross the ‘T’s and try to please,
You aren’t too old to graze your knees,
Fall from trees or lose your keys...

Thinking thoughts of birds and bees,
Just try to breath, don’t drink, she’ll make you
Blink as she sinks, the saucy minx
And her sexy winks making you think
About her kinks. But not to jinx her,
Watch her mix bright green elixir
And drink it, pretty as a picture.
Glad you picked her?
Or feel depressed as you get dressed?
Forget the pests, clean up your mess,
Feather your nest and pass your tests,
Prepare yourself to be the best.

Then all fades to grey as the day goes away,
No more play, at home you stay
And wait until the holidays...

Then you can say that all’s okay,
Turn off the lights, enjoy the night,
No time to write as she delights
In the sensation of a bite.
Life’s alright, why try to fight?
The time is right if she is quite
Sure that she’s yours, shoes and t-shirt on the floor,
You both want more, but please be sure
That somebody has locked the door…

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