Middle of May, Midnight

There’s a pounding on my roof,
The falling of the rain,
Almost torrential in its ferocity,
The sky unleashing its fury
On an unsuspecting midnight suburb,
Sending wave on wave of ice-cold water
Down on the roofs.
The houses, I’m sure, stand strong,
Though I cannot see them tonight.
No windows, no view, no chance to see this
Spectacle, nor to marvel at the sight.
I lie, instead, and marvel at the sound.

Oh, batter the tiles, water the flowers,
(the roses growing now in my garden)
And let me listen to your real power
That falls from the sky when most are asleep.
Refresh the world and refresh me, my thoughts,
Let them flow as right now you do just so.
Then be that comforting sound that eases
Me in the dark, the noise that brings me to
Relax and forget all but that about
Which I will soon dream.

As I listen I remember one who
Dreams a romantic dream of rain like this…


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