Going to Kildare

I sat with you and held you close, feeling
Tired but also feeling something which had
Long been absent, something which, while vaguely
Familiar, felt wonderfully new.
I was shameless (and you told me so!) but
That didn’t matter, it was fun and it
Felt good and it felt right because we so
Strongly needed each other’s presence.
I should have slept but I preferred to sit
And see your eyes light up when you smiled, and
The four hours flew by so fast because time
Flies when you’re having fun.

I tried at times to watch the world go by
Outside the bus window, but found that you
Were more beautiful a sight than any
We left behind, trapped beyond the window.

* * *

I held your hand, you held mine too and smiled,
We laughed about our escapades which had
Taken us pleasantly by surprise and
We looked forward to the party that night.


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