The Goalkeeper: Part Three

For those who may be wondering,
Here’s a note on goalkeeping.

It may not seem special to you,
But it’s a lot more than just something I do.
It is what I can do that few others can,
An intrinsic part of who I am.
It is one of the things for which I am known,
An area of skill in which I have grown.
It is my source of inspiration,
Joy, delight, pain, frustration.

It is soaring through the air,
With the sun in your eyes and the wind in your hair.
It is stopping those spectacular shots
Just as everyone thinks that all has been lost.
It is throwing yourself in the sand and the mud
And getting straight back up with knees covered in blood.
It is watching, studying everything,
And knowing how to stop anything.
It is being the one who stands out
For diving, screaming, having to shout.
It is running to catch the speeding ball,
And directing your team with a knowing call.
It is being the underdog in penalties,
The hero after the narrowest victories.

It is being the resort,
The first in the list in the match report.
It is coming back home covered in grass
Still agonising over that one bad pass.
It is having to be the cause of doubt
When you just can’t get distance with your kick-out.
It is having to be the cause of dismay
When you fail to make that one crucial save.
It is being the one who’s alone on the bus,
And needing to keep earning your team-mates trust.

It is part of being ME.
It is my identity.


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