Monday, March 5, 2012

An Evening Out

He left the others
And stumbled off down the road.
Slowly he made his way up the hill,
Then down again towards a gate.
He fell off the low gate into the little field,
And got back to his feet
Quite happy with himself.
He climbed over another gate to leave the field again.
He pointed at an empty bus-stop and giggled to himself,
And then stopped, trying to remember what made it funny.
No cars were on the road that night
So he zigzagged across it, over and back,
Shouting little bits of a song, over and over,
To the damp, dark night’s sky.
Seeing a small stick in his way,
He stopped and worried about how to avoid it.
A cat glared up at him from underneath a car,
And suddenly he was afraid, oh so afraid.
He turned in circles and lost his balance,
Falling in his panic against a hedge.
Its branches scratched his unsure hands
And his tears wet his sweaty red cheeks.
He threw himself against a light-pole for support
And reached for his phone, fumbling in his pockets.
He found a friend’s number, mumbled for directions,
And, once again feeling confident,
He set off for his second
Drinking party of the night.
Halfway there he stopped again,
But this time to get sick.
It wouldn’t matter as long as they
Didn’t notice the smell from his clothes
The following morning before
His Under Sixteens soccer match.

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