Different Rules for Different Fools

I will not stand idly by when
One rule applies to that there boy,
The hypocrite son of a hypocrite man,
Whatever he wants to do he can.
I will not agree
To fraudulent policy
Of making an example of
One willing to stand straight up
And voice opinion and be heard, when
Others act like sheep in herds or
Flock together like mute birds,
Afraid to turn thoughts into words.
They will pay appropriate price,
Having lost their strongest voice, for
Bowing down to this man’s boots and
Being unwilling to leave the group
To stand up for a friend in need
(They needed me, these friends indeed)
And accepting un-equal punishment,
One boy’s truths equal this man’s dissent.
Do not dare your feelings vent,
Just stand idly by when
The next one of you gets the door
And welcome 1984.


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