A Note to Kelsey

They all said I’d miss you
After we went home.
But when they said I’d miss you,
Was it a prophecy or a curse?
Did they know that three years on I’d
Still pause every day to think about you
And our short, wonderful time together?
In the castle, the abandoned house,
The roads and pathways of the island.
I’ve gone back there, and back again,
But you have not.
We both did have our fun, for a while,
Dancing, singing, standing in the dark room
While the others laughed, whistled, called to us,
And then came in to follow out lead.
I never did tell you that my question
Was meant, not for you, but for
Another girl, the one who sat beside you
In detention that strange night.
We were a perfect accident.
Accidentally, we were perfect.
When we both closed our eyes and the
World disappeared around us,
When the aurora exploded in waves
Behind my closed eyes and an unknown electricity
Shook me to my very foundations,
When dark places became beautiful,
You were there, kissing me back.
I could ask you stupid questions and
You could answer them for me
Without ever speaking.
You glowed brighter than the bright June sun,
Together we made dark places bright
Without ever stopping to notice the darkness.
And then your goldfish died.
No, not even yours, your sister’s.
And then we died.
Embarrassment, destruction followed our interruption.
And then we had to go home.


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