Not Really Lonely

I have nobody to whom I can send
Messages, or whom I can ask to meet
With me for a few hours at the weekend.
I have no secret, hidden or discreet
Relationships with any local girls,
Or a long-distance lover somewhere else.
Just solitary games, musings with words,
Working on poetry, testing myself.
Reading and writing are no substitute
For the companionship of a lover,
This fact I’m sure one cannot refute.
Although, from some I am yet to recover.
So while I’m (for the time being) alone,
I know that love will always come and go.


  1. Really liked this poem. Very well written. I know that feeling of loneliness all too well, though I'm not quite as optimistic as you are that love always come back again....

    Anyway, good job. =)

  2. Thank you, Mr Snrub! And congratulations on being the very first person to leave me a comment on this blog. :) Going through a rough patch of being single at the moment, but it's nothing new. Trying to remain hopeful, and just enjoying spending time with other friends helps.


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